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Bizview - An Intelligent Process, Reporting & Dashboard Automation Tool coupled with AI capabilities. We have ready solutions for Financial Analysis, TDS Reconciliation, TV and media, Digital marketing and PMO. Try now and join with our happy customers!


Dashboard Solutions

Centralize, Analyze and Mine your Data for Intelligent Decision Making to save on Time, Effort and your hard earned Money. See below for more details about our ready solutions. If you wish to automate your process or have any reports to be automated, contact us. We can also help with future forecasting or prediction using AI.

Our Solutions

Save on Time & Money. Move from Manual to Automated Process !


Financial Analysis Dashboards

Monitor Financial Health of your company by getting data from your accounting software Tally, Zoho, SAP or Oracle. Find out your client margins, profit, outstanding and Inventory costs.

TDS / GST reconcilition

Reconcile your accounting data with Traces or GST. Keep track of pending amounts by client. Automated AI reconciliation

PMO Dashboard

Monitor your project status, Billing and tracking Employee efforts. Various Management reports for calculating Utilization, Sales and Status reports

CEO Dashboard

Have all your company Information at your finger tips on mobile or web. Know your company status such as revenue, profit, inventory, FTE, Budget planning, etc

Sales Dashboard

Monitor your sales Team performance, Track various sales metrics and automated reports for Financial Planning and Targetting customers

Media Dashboard

Here, you can monitor status of various ad spends such as TV, Print, Radio or Social for media planning. Monitor various parameters such as TRP Ratings, Ad spends, SOE/SOV, Brand monitor, campaign status, etc

Mobile Apps

Where ever you are, have the data in your hand so you can take immediate decisions and respond to the clients


Do you need customized solutions?

We'll understand your requirement and provide the right solution. We can integrate with your custom applications as well.



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